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December 2020

In A Holidaze – Christina Lauren

This book was absolutely amazing for this time of the year. I had been struggling to get into the holiday/Christmas spirit because of all of the schoolwork that has been piling up, however, after reading this book, I’m ready for Christmas and a holiday like no other!

The Sisters of Straygarden Place – Hayley Chewins

First of all, I want to thank Goodreads for allowing me the opportunity to enter a giveaway for this book! This book had me hooked from the description on the back cover, and I was immediately brought into a fantasy world full of little girls and puppy dogs that help you dream. I think it’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

As Old As Time – Liz Braswell

Since I absolutely love fairytale retellings, this was a pretty exciting read for me. Liz Braswell told the story of Beauty and the Beast in a twisted, dark, and different way than the original fairytale that I really enjoyed. Definitely an interesting twist on an otherwise beautiful fairytale. Beauty and the Beast but darker, more haunting, and with cobwebs surrounding the castle! What if Belle’s mother was the enchantress that cursed the Beast?

The Queens Assassin (Excerpt) – Melissa De La Cruz

I was actually really excited about this sampler. After reading the description it sounded like my kind of story, however, I was kind of disappointed. It just wasn’t what I wanted from it. Now, the book might get better, I did only have the prologue and first three chapters, but from what I read, I wasn’t that impressed.