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A Chaotic Life Update

Why, hello, dear bookworm! First of all, thanks for stumbling across this post. And for those of you that happen to be following my posts, reviews, and random chaoticness (yes, it’s a word!), thanks for joining me on that too. 

Recently life has been a little bit crazy, which means, as you’ve probably noticed, I have been neglecting this blog and the social media that comes with it. If you’ve stuck with me throughout that, thanks! Honestly, sometimes life can just get a little hectic and I needed a break to figure out what works best for me and my ever-changing schedule. 

This September I have started my first year of university, and while it’s incredibly exciting, it also comes with a lot of stress and changes. As someone who isn’t particularly good with change, it was a little difficult to adjust and I needed some time to figure out what life on a university campus could be like. Along with that, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic that has taken quite a bit out of everyone. I think that the pandemic and the consequences that came with it have finally caught up to me and it’s taking its toll. 

Regardless of all of this and the changes that are happening in my life, I really do love blogging. Reading is a form of escapism that I don’t think I’ll ever let go of, which is why this post isn’t to tell you that I’m not going to be blogging anymore, but that I’ll be blogging a little less frequently. Meaning, maybe once a week posts, or whenever I’m feeling up to it. 

While reading and blogging are things that I’m so passionate about, I also have to think about myself and my future. I need to take my education seriously at this point in my life, which means school comes first and blogging/reading comes second. 

I’m definitely continuing with the blog and everything that comes with it. I love sharing my love of reading with you guys and I wouldn’t give it up for the world, but I’m just taking more time for myself!

Thank you guys for sticking with me throughout this post and my chaotic life update! More reviews, random posts, and blogging updates will be coming soon. Thanks again, I appreciate you all! <3

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