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A Court of Frost and Starlight – Sarah J. Maas

Once again, I was whisked away to Velaris. This time for a Winter Solstice with the Inner Circle! This novella takes place after A Court of Wings and Ruin, meaning the war is over, and the Inner Circle is back home. I loved this novella. I was expecting it to be just fluff, but you can see where the next book is leading, especially now that we know it is a Nessian story. 


This novella follows our beloved Inner Circle as they teach Feyre and her sisters what a Winter Solstice in Velaris is like. Feyre has been struggling with traumatic experiences from the war, especially the images of her father and Rhys dying and is in need of a kind birthday and solstice. We can also see Rhys’ point of view when dealing with the Illyrian camps and how they don’t allow women to train as much as men. Along with that, we also see him confront Tamlin about his borders to the human lands, which I absolutely loved reading about. Through all of this, the two realize it is time to start a family, which made me super excited for future books. I definitely need more of a Feyre and Rhysand baby!

I think the most essential part of the novella, however, was the Cassian and Nesta parts. It is clear to see that Nesta is struggling with her transition from human to High Fae, and is acting out. She refuses to spend time with her sisters, and barely takes part in the solstice celebrations despite being told she is wanted there. I feel like I understand that she needs her space, but she’s also being too harsh on everyone and should try and branch out. We also see Cassian struggle with his feelings for Nesta. After the battle with Hybern, some things were said between them, and neither of them wants to admit that it meant something. I think that it’s really interesting to see a relationship between Nesta, a character who’s always been hated, and Cassian, a character who has always been loved. 

“Eons would never be enough for all I wanted to do, see with him. For all I wanted love him.”


Feyre, as always, was lovely in this novella. I feel like this showed what life will be like for her now that she can settle into High Fae, and High Lady of the Night Court without a war going on. She’s always been a really strong character despite the trauma she has experienced, and this novella is no exception. I feel like she’s becoming the person she wants to be and she now has the resources and time to do so. 

Rhysand has always been a character I adored. This novella just showed that he is a kind person and wants what is best for his friends, family, and mate. Through all his work as a High Lord, he doesn’t become someone who is super formal around his Court of Dreams, which I think is beautiful. He also never fails to make time for his loved ones, which makes me love him more.

Cassian is a character we learn a lot more about. There are many parts throughout the novella that I wanted to know more about him, especially when he flew up to the mountain camp and explained about his mother. I feel like he is painted as such a robust general warrior when he is a complete softie at heart, which I adore. 

Nesta kind of made me mad. Her attitude towards everything was so dull. I feel like the entire court tried to rebuild and be positive towards the damage, and Nesta just made everything worse. I understand that she had suffered, but it also seems like she isn’t willing to move past any of it, which bothered me. 

Although I didn’t love her character, Nesta and Cassian did intrigue me. The one or two scenes they had together made me so excited to have an entire book surrounded by them and their stories, and maybe we can learn a bit more about both of them. I feel like they both bring out different sides of each other, and it’s funny but adorable to watch. 

“To family, old and new. Let the Solstice festivities begin.”


As always, Velaris seems beautiful. The mountains and the City of Starlight sound absolutely stunning, and I can only wish it was real. It will forever hold a place in my heart and has become a home to these characters and I love the fact that even though they have suffered, they are rebuilding in an area that they trust and love. 


Sarah J. Maas always writes beautifully. I loved every second of this novella and I always needed more!

In Conclusion… 

This was the perfect way to wrap up the war and the story that has happened so far. I really hope the next book adds more to each character’s storyline as they rebuild and heal from the burdens of the war. I definitely recommend this novella to every A Court of Thorns and Roses lover. 

Rating: 5/5⭐

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