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Dreamers Choice – S.H. Steele

This was a great addition to this already amazing series. I loved seeing more of each of these characters as their stories continued and the fight between the dream realm and mortal realm continues. 


After Marco reveals that he knows her father, Alyssa races home to speak to her mother. She explains that Anthos came down to Augusto during the same sixty-day banishment that Marco received. They fell in love and he wrote her love letters throughout his time there. 

The love letters reveal that Alyssa is half-mortal, half-dreamer and she may belong on the mountain with the rest of the dreamers.

Meanwhile, Katia and Tytan develop a relationship, causing Katia to seek guidance from Anthos who calls a special session from the Walker’s Council. They determine the fate of both Marco and Katia’s relationships. 


Alyssa becoming a dreamer gives her so much more room for character development. At the moment, her one goal is to keep Marco by her side, despite the fact that he’ll have to go back up the mountain in fifty or so days. I feel like her only personality trait right now is kind of just her romance and love for Marco which can get a bit boring at times. I like how she’s a history buff and it gives her a bit more personality to work with but she’s still totally just entranced with Marco. I understand their love for each other is strong, however, I feel like as one of the main characters, she needs a bit more depth which is why I’m excited to see where the dreamer storyline will develop for her. 

Marco was pretty much the same as always except he’s with Alyssa now and he’s in love. He misses his siblings which is sweet and he’s also dealing with a ton of things to do with being a dreamer and whether or not he will be accepted once, or if, he decides to return to Mount Eleanor. 

Katia is my favorite character in the series so far, especially because she has the most personality. She’s a fun character and I love her colour-changing hair. It’s so exciting to see it change and especially the fact that she can barely control her hair changing to red in front of Tytan. 

Tytan was also a cool character who was totally entranced by Katia. He does have a bit more of a personality too and I like that he’s deciding for himself what he wants in life and whether being with Katia is his main goal. 


Marco and Alyssa’s point of view took place in the village of Augusto which is a pretty ordinary village. So far, nothing unexpected has really happened in this setting and I feel like that’s what it’s supposed to be. A small village with settlers who go about their daily lives.

On the other hand, the magical Mount Eleanor is beautiful. I feel like it adds so much depth to the story with the two temples and races living on the mountain. 


Steele’s writing kept me interesting in the story and I enjoyed the small twists that came along with each relationship. It was easy to read and it was the perfect length, keeping me entranced the entire time and on the edge of my seat with the cliffhanger. 

In Conclusion… 

This was a fun read and a great addition to the series. I’m excited to see where the next book takes me and how the relationships further develop!

Rating: 4.5/5⭐

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