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Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse has always been my favorite Twilight movie. We finally see the love triangle between Edward, Bella, and Jacob, and the storyline really picks up. This book lived up to my expectations completely. I couldn’t put it down! 


With Edward saved from the Volturi, Bella and Edward are better than ever. Bella’s high school graduation gets closer by the second and while she pretends to apply for universities, she is planning to join her boyfriend as a vampire. As her time as a human gets shorter and shorter, Bella begins to be afraid of what she will be like as a newborn. Will bloodlust win her over or will she be strong enough to control herself? All of the fear of becoming a vampire becomes stronger when an army of newborns is created to attack Bella and the Cullens. 

Becoming a vampire and fighting vampires isn’t the only thing going on in Bella’s life, though. With Edward back in Forks, Bella hasn’t been able to see Jacob since their last gathering in the woods (the result of a tattletale motorcycle incident). This love triangle had been building since book one and it is finally happening, and I’m not mad about it! Unfortunately, Bella isn’t able to see Jacob all that much at the beginning of the book because of Edward’s fear of losing her. Eventually, he gives in and Jacob becomes a part of Bella’s life again which I really enjoy. It’s obvious Jacob is in love with her, in fact, he tells her that which I found hilarious and had to put the book down from laughing too hard. 


Bella is still the same old Bella in this book. Unfortunately, she now suffers from separation anxiety (rightfully so) and continues to have nightmares. I feel like Bella was a little bit better at sticking up for what she wanted in this book. It wasn’t just “Edward this” and “Edward that”, but more about her and what she wants in life. She wouldn’t let Edward budge on the idea of college and becoming a vampire, and I admire her for finally becoming a person with an opinion stronger than “because I’m in love with a vampire”. 

Edward was actually really nice in this book. I feel like he wanted what was best for Bella but he didn’t know the right approach for it. Keeping her away from Jacob only drove her to do dangerous things to see him, but he made up for all of that by protecting her and caring about her feelings over anything else. 

Jacob was kind of hilarious in this book. He’s now a werewolf fighting in a pack, instead of the little kid from Twilight. He’s a character who loves to make jokes and have fun, despite his weird supernatural heritage. That said, he also needs to take a hint. Bella has told him time and time again that she is in love with Edward, and clearly he isn’t getting it. Jacob constantly makes her feel guilty for not loving him as much as he loves her, and it makes him ten times less attractive. 


As usual, I really enjoyed the writing in this book. I really liked the fact that Stephenie Meyer just jumped right into the story (so you should definitely read Twilight and New Moon first). 

This book is meant for young adults and teens so it’s no surprise that there is a ton of teen drama involved. Love triangles between vampires, werewolves, and humans are pretty common for teen fantasy/romances so obviously I loved this book. 

“Look after my heart – I’ve left it with you.”


Forks is and always will be one of my favorite settings. I think that the rainy scenery makes it the perfect story and I love that it adds so much to the plotline and, just in general, the book. 

In Conclusion…

I definitely recommend this book to romance/fantasy lovers. It’s the perfect mix of love story and action, and you won’t want to put the book down! I had to slow my reading pace so I didn’t finish it in just a few sit-downs! 

Rating: 4.5/5⭐

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