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Everything I Know About Love – Dolly Alderton

As most of you probably know, I’m not a memoir kind of person. I need some real romance, some fiction, some escapism. Which is why this book was a little tricky for me to get into. I really wanted to give this a shot, especially when so many of my favorite reviewers were recommending this book for the girls in their twenties (which I now am). 

Dolly Alderton weaves a beautiful story full of life lessons and experiences that every girl in their twenties will most likely have the chance to learn. The book brought me back home to London, where I was immediately put into Dolly’s life, surrounded by girlfriends that never failed to make her laugh and romances that proved that life is sometimes as surreal as a fantasy novel. 

The writing

Dolly makes her life story seem humorous despite the heartache she’s had to endure. She’s made her story seem light and easy to understand while we can easily see her heartbreaking words. It’s interesting that we’re put into a spot where every girl can relate to Dolly and her experiences, feeling empathy for the writer while also laughing at how honestly ridiculous we were during those times. 

As a girl in her twenties…

As a girl in her twenties, it’s hard to find people to relate to. Despite the universal experiences of every girl, it isn’t always put into words or shown in a way that I find connectable. Dolly Alderton made me feel less alone behind her words, in a way that was comforting and kind while showing me that these are experiences that I have to endure to get to where I need to be in life. Cause and effect is EVERYTHING when it comes to life, and Dolly’s experiences prove that you need to endure the hardships to get to the good parts. 


Dolly’s friendship with Farly was admirable, and I feel like the majority of girls spend their lives searching for their Farly. The two being an inseparable pair made the story that much more enjoyable as it was easy to see that Dolly had a strong support system by her side. As I’ve mentioned in my brief update about Haunting Adeline, my other current read at this time, friendships are so crucial to a girls well-being, and I have to say that while I’m still searching for my other half, it makes me hopeful when I read books like these with strong female connections and support. 

Do I recommend?

This book brought me into a world of reality which is something I’m not used to experiencing. I loved being brought into Dolly’s world of friendship, love, and life. I definitely recommend this book, especially for those girls going into their twenties. It’s a story of experiences and something that made me feel less alone in this huge world. 

Rating: 3.5/5⭐

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