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February Hearts – Eden Larsen

This was such a quick and easy romance! 


Olivia is an ER nurse who’s constantly on her toes with calls of incoming patients. Her boyfriend Jason is a firefighter. 

After dating for five years and putting their careers first, Olivia begins to get frustrated that the pace of their relationship isn’t moving forward anymore. Their schedules are too busy and the romance is gone, replaced with work, work, and more work. 

When Valentine’s day rolls around, Olivia and Jason try their best to get a date in before their work calls them away, but of course they’re interrupted by calls. 

Will they manage to save their relationship or will work get the better of them?


Olivia was an easy and understandable character to follow. I didn’t love her but I didn’t hate her to be honest. I understood where she was coming from with the whole work schedule being too busy type of thing, but at the same time, she signed up for the job and she can’t expect things to change immediately. I feel like she should’ve spent some more time reviewing her decisions. Along with this, she shouldn’t have come down so hard on Jason when she gave him only a week to find a new job in his department as a firefighter. While she was a super easy character to follow, I didn’t particularly love her character. 

Jason was a cool character and I feel like he’s your average guy. I love that he’s a firefighter and he’s working towards helping people. I also love how supportive he is of Olivia and her job as a nurse, but there wasn’t anything special about him, you know? Nothing pulled me towards him, he was just an average guy. 


We were able to see the ER which was pretty normal for an ER. I kind of just imagined the typical busy hospital scene and that’s what I got. 

The other main setting was Olivia and Jason’s home and I didn’t really get enough description there either. I feel like I kind of just based it off an average looking home because there wasn’t much to work with. 

Both settings were pretty normal and average and I can’t say I loved them or hated them.


The writing was easy to follow and definitely followed the same style as her previous book (January Beginnings). I found myself reading the book in less than an hour which I quite liked, but I don’t think I would’ve continued with the book if it was any longer than it is. 

In Conclusion… 

It was a fun and easy read. There were definitely a few things I’d change and a few things that brought it down a couple stars in ratings, but overall, if you’re looking for a quick and easy contemporary read, then this is for you!

Rating: 3/5⭐

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