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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – J.K. Rowling

I don’t even know where to start with this review other than saying I adored the book and everything that it was. This series has always given me a sense of home and I used to think that this part of the series wasn’t as important as the other books, however, it gives incredible insight into all of the characters and the entirety of the series!


As the ministry finally realizes the truth in Harry’s words regarding Voldemort and his return from the dead, the wizarding world goes crazy. Rumors spread about Hogwarts being unsafe and the world turns dark once more. 

Harry is back at Hogwarts once more and is given the opportunity to study potions with Professor Slughorn, a retired teacher who has returned to the school. Harry is given a book that used to belong to someone named the “half-blood prince”, and he follows the many annotations throughout the potions textbook, giving him the highest marks in the class!

Harry and Dumbledore embark on a journey to discover who Voldemort really is and how he came to be the darkest and most feared wizard. Along with this, the trio navigates the hardships of romance and love potions, changing their friendships and creating new relationships in the process!


Harry has grown into a character that has experienced a ton of hardships in his life. The prophecy basically rules his entire world, making all of his major decisions for him. While this really does suck for him, it also gives him the opportunity to explore the Dark Arts and everything that comes with it. He’s able to learn more about what can stop his greatest enemy while being with a mentor that he greatly admires – Dumbledore. 

The Golden Trio is no longer a group of young kids that are tasked with defeating the dark arts, this time they’re grown up, experienced, and ready for the next step in their lives. They’re exploring relationships and new friendships and what they wish to be when they grow up and while this is all shadowed by Voldemort and his return from the dead, the three of them are greatly influenced by their strong mentors and the skills that they’ve learned throughout the course of their time at Hogwarts. 


Hogwarts is and always will be one of those places that can’t fail to make me smile. I adore every second of being inside the castle grounds with characters that I’ve come to love dearly. The magic inside of the castle is irreplaceable and it’s an experience in itself to be inside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 


The writing captured me immediately. The series has my complete attention and I can’t help but devour every word on the page. 

In Conclusion… 

I loved this book and the details of the lives of our enemies that came with it. I’m so sad that this series is ending but I also can’t wait to see what happens! Onto the Deathly Hallows, I go!

Rating: 5/5⭐

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