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Hogwarts Legacy: Am I A Gamer Now? 

I’ve been anticipating the release of this game since I first heard about it and as a HUGE Harry Potter fan (books & movies), and someone who has grown up with that entire storyline, I was so so excited to get my hands on this game. I mean, which Harry Potter fan wouldn’t love to roam around Hogwarts and fly a Hippogriff?! How freaking cool! 

Anyways, with the release of this game being quite a while ago now, I figured it was time to share why exactly I haven’t had any motivation to read: this game is incredible. 

The Storyline

The story of the game is pretty crazy and well-thought out honestly. You’re a new student at Hogwarts, but you’re actually a fifth-year. On the way to school, you and Professor Fig, a teacher at Hogwarts are ambushed and are put right in the middle of Ranrok, a goblin, and his plans to pretty much take over the entire world with dark and ancient magic. 

As you continue the story, you find more information out about the users of ancient magic and their past experiences using it. You also make friends who you can go on side quests with to further your experiences and story. 

The Side Quests


If you’ve seen this game on tiktok, you know that Sebastian Sallow is truly thirsted over LOL. This character is introduced to you in defence against the dark arts class and he invites you to crossed wands, an undercover duelling club! 

As our story with Sebastian continues, we find out that his sister has been cursed by a dark wizard or goblin, and Sebastian will stop at nothing to help his sister and cure her. 

With our magic and discoveries of Salazar Slytherin, maybe we can help Sebastian with his sister – before Sebastian turns to the dark side. 


Ominis is one of those characters that you just can’t get enough of. He’s got a twisted and dark past, and he is a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. He’s also blind, which I think was actually really cool to have in a game like this. He uses his wand to guide him through Hogwarts with no difficulties, and I was completely amazed when I saw him doing that. 


As you’ll find out if you play, Natty has a secret, and a horrible past experience with dark wizards. She will stop at nothing to help you defeat a dark wizard stuck in your path. 


Poppy was probably my favorite sidekick. An adorable hufflepuff, she’s all about the beasts. She also has a horifficaly sad back story and it just makes me want to give her the biggest hug. She helps you save a number of beasts and pushes you to take care of them and assist when she finds a rare type of beast is in trouble!

The Spells

It’s crazy to me that these spells even exist, I’m still in awe at the fact that I can even say “Lumos” and I get a light out of a wand LOL. My brain is almost in shock by how insanely cool it is. 

In terms of the actually spells you can get, you do get an extensive set of spells that you can swap in and out of your spell set. It’s pretty cool. 


You can go to all of your favorite classes:

  • Potions
  • Defence against the dark arts
  • Transfiguration
  • Beasts 
  • Flying 

Pretty much all of them! And they’re really extensive too, each class you kind of learn or practice a new skill, and then the professors set you assignments to catch you up to fifth year level that you will have to go and explore the world to complete.

My Favorite Parts

As a Potter fan, I had a few moments where I had to set the controller down and literally just be amazed at the fact that I get to do this. 

  • Hippogriff flying
  • Broom flying
  • Visiting hogsmeade
  • Having my own room of requirement 
  • Customizing my room of requirement
  • Collecting beasts and having my own vivariams for them 
  • Exploring the castle (which is almost a replica of the books)
  • Using the secret passage to get to honeydukes cellar like i’m using the marauders map
  • Standing in the great hall full of floating candles 
  • Finding the ghost dancing room
  • Finding the little memorial to hagrid at his hut 
  • Recreating movie scenes 
  • Going to Azkaban (it was a short visit, but still insanely cool)

So, did I convince you? If I haven’t convinced you that this game is sooo worth playing, then please please comment and i will happily argue my case for hours LOL. I can’t get enough.  

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