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January Beginnings – Eden Larsen

This was such a fun contemporary read. It was quick and easy and gave me a range of emotions in a matter of a few chapters that I was able to read in less than an hour. 


Rachel is a real estate agent in New York. She’s always been career driven and hasn’t really spent the time thinking about making a family or getting married. That is, until she meets Chad, a client for her agency, in search of a new home for him and his daughter Mia. 

Rachel is torn between following her bosses instructions and showing Chad the listings that are in the best profit range for the agency, or showing Chad listings that suit his budget. 

Forming a relationship with Chad, Rachel must decide whether she has to come clean or continue lying to someone with growing importance in her life. 


Rachel was a great character to follow. Her personality is exactly what you’d expect from someone so career oriented. I loved each of the steps that she took to get to her relationship with Chad and I respected her decisions. I feel like I could really relate to her character. She put her career first and when she did meet a guy, she was willing to do the right thing even if it meant losing her job. She’s a good person with a good heart and I’m glad that she stuck up for herself nearer the end of the book. 

Chad was a character that I was kind of worried about. I was hoping he wouldn’t be a Chad Chad, you know? Like those Chads that are just total jerks but, he turned out to be an enjoyable character. I feel like he could’ve saved a lot of time if he’d just heard Rachel out, but I understand where he was coming from and I think he fit with Rachel quite well. 


Taking place in New York, this was the perfect setting for a contemporary romance such as this. The hustle and bustle of the busy streets were a constant throughout the book and we could see the characters use taxis to get anywhere they needed. 


The book was simple and easy to get into. Larsen created the perfect contemporary romance in a short story that kept me intrigued just long enough to see it through. I was interested in each of the characters and their stories, on the edge of my seat just waiting to see what would happen next. 

In Conclusion… 

A quick and fun romantic read!

Rating: 4/5⭐

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