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Kingdom of Ash

Wow. Just, wow. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible this book was. As the final book in the Throne of Glass series, I was obviously expecting it to be sad, but this broke my heart and put it back together a thousand different times. I honestly think that this is my favorite of the entire series, through the intense character relationships and the roller-coaster of emotions, it’s just the perfect book to finish the fantastic series. 


The book started off with getting to know each of our beloved characters’ positions in the war overtaking the world. The first character we saw was Aedion and his position in holding the ranks of the Bane in the war. He was commanding for Terrasen’s army in order to hold the lines. In the beginning, his storyline did kind of bore me just because it seemed like he was just speaking politics to other lords, however, it definitely picked up through his developing relationship with Lysandra, and his position in fighting in the war alongside countless soldiers. 

Lysandra was with Aedion and she was fighting with the ranks of soldiers using her shifting powers to help as best she could. I think the most interesting part of her storyline, at least in the beginning, was how she had to pretend to be Aelin due to her capture by Maeve. It was very cool to see her shift and become Aelin, even though she didn’t have an ounce of the fire-bringer power and she was just there to ensure people and soldiers maintained the lines and had courage to do so. 

While all of this was happening with Lysandra and Aedion, Manon and Dorian were with The Thirteen working to convince the Crochans to join their cause and fight for Terrasen. This was a really interesting part of the story, in my opinion. Manon had to kind of discover her heritage and what it is like to be Crochan instead of a Blackbeak, and that was really cool to see. She really became a different, kinder person while also being strong enough to hold her ground and do what she believed in. This whole story really made me admire and respect Manon a lot more, especially when she decided to give Asterin the chance to take revenge on Manon’s grandmother for what happened to her stillborn child. 

Dorian was with The Thirteen and Manon throughout the first part of the book, however, he managed to also sneak into Morath and recover the third Wyrdkey from Erawan’s grasp. This was a very exciting part of the book, especially because Maeve was also present at the keep in Morath. Along with this, Dorian was able to use shapeshifting powers which was also super cool to see. 

Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan, and Elide began the book searching for Aelin who was in Maeve’s grasp. They traveled pretty much everywhere, without thinking of the obvious place to go which I found kind of funny. Aelin was trapped in Doranelle and once the Cadre and Elide figured that out, it was only a matter of time before they broke her out. 

Aelin had been trapped by Maeve for about two months, being tortured by Cairn and then healed by skilled professional healers with the gift from Silba, only to be tortured again. For two months she went on like this with Fenrys at her side and Maeve using every opportunity to break into Aelin’s head and find out where the two Wyrdkeys were. Aelin struggled to figure out what was reality and just a dream, her scars had been wiped clean from her body and she didn’t have any power to escape. Locked in an iron box, Aelin suffered for two months before she was rescued by the Cadre. 

After his adventures in the Southern Continent with his wife Yrene, Chaol made his way back home with the Khagan’s army of Darghan soldiers and Rukhin, only to find Anielle almost under attack by Morath. Chaol travels to defend his old home, only to find Aelin show up during the battle. 

Eventually after the battle at Anielle, Dorian finds the Khaganite army, Chaol, and Aelin with her Court. They now have the three keys and are able to forge the lock and then travel to Terrasen. 

After arriving in Orynth, Aelin and her Court wreak havoc upon the Morath army and come face to face with Erawen and Maeve for the last time. 

I think that this plot was the perfect way to end the series. Everything wrapped up nicely and it left me feeling whole, however I can definitely say that these stories will be missed. 

“You do not yield.”


There were a lot of characters in this book but I think every character had a special significance which I really love. Every character that we met played a major role and I love that everything came together perfectly and everything was aligned the way it was. 

Aelin was fantastic in this book. Through every step of the way, she acted like a queen who would sacrifice everything for her kingdom and her peoples. I think that she finally became who she was always meant to be and although that meant sacrificing pretty much everything she had, she also became the person she always wished she would be, and earned back her kingdom in the process. I think it was only a matter of time before she became the proper Queen of Terrasen. 

Chaol has gone from a character that I absolutely hated, to a character that I cannot stop reading about. His relationship with Yrene is beautiful and his protectiveness as a husband really suits him. I love that he feels the need to be protective but gives her the space to make her own decisions because she is also a person who deserves a say in everything. He respects her and that makes me respect him. Through these past two books of Tower of Dawn and this one, he made me love him as a character and a part of the story. 

Dorian was just okay in this book. I have to say, Dorian has been one of my favorites in previous books, but in this one, he did have a huge role to play, but he just wasn’t great. I feel like he should’ve been a bit more emotional to everything going on. His attitude was kind of like, “it is what it is”, and it just annoyed me through some parts. It was super cool to see his power develop and his relationship with Chaol and Aelin will always be one of the best things in the series, but he was just not doing it for me in this book. 

Speaking of the trio, I loved every second that they had together in this book. When they reunited I had the biggest smile on my face, and the fact that they fought together in this final war just made my heart happy. I will admit, I cried super hard when they eventually had to say farewell, but I know it isn’t the end for these characters, not in their world anyway and I love that they are now rulers in a “better world” together. 

“We are the thirteen, from now until the darkness claims us.”


There were a few settings in this book. Aedion and Lysandra spent their time in Terrasen and were making their way to Orynth. Even during this war, Terrasen will always be a place I wish I could someday see. It sounds beautiful and although it was completely overrun by war throughout most of this book, I wish I was there to see the rebuilding for the better world in Orynth and Terrasen in general. 

Aelin was in Doranelle for the beginning of the book during her capture by Maeve. As said in Heir of Fire, Doranelle sounds beautiful and bright and welcoming, however, in this book, it kind of seemed like it was a front for the evil things that take place there. 

The Cadre and Elide travelled practically everywhere in order to find Aelin, and eventually they made it to Doranelle where they finally found her. After that, they traveled to Anielle where they met up with Chaol who was back from the southern continent. I feel like Anielle is a really cold place, and not just from the weather. Although the people sound nice and courageous, the Lord of Anielle, Chaol’s father, makes the entire city seem unwelcoming. I am glad that Chaol was able to face his fears and go back to his home, but I feel like it will forever be a place that is hostile and unfriendly. 

Eventually the rest of the army made it to Terrasen, and like I said before, it will forever be a beautiful place, and home. I think that the fact that Terrasen was gorgeous and warm to everyone ten years ago just makes the entire city that much better compared to Anielle. 

The setting that I least enjoyed was obviously the keep in Morath. It just makes me feel very cold inside and I can honestly say that I am glad it is destroyed. Thank you Dorian. 

“I am here, I am with you.”


I think that Sarah J. Maas really came through with her writing for this book. I loved all of the lines, and the quotes are written beautifully. She brought me to tears many times throughout the book and made me laugh out loud too. I think that as usual, she has improved her writing from the last books and she adds the perfect touches that the book needs. 

In Conclusion… 

I can honestly say that I will never get over this series. The Throne of Glass series has definitely become one of my favorites and this book just made the ending perfect. I definitely recommend this series to any YA fantasy lovers (like me), and I can tell you that you will fall in love with the characters over and over again. 

Rating: 5/5⭐

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