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Lavishly Lawless – Erin Mc Luckie Moya

Wow, where do I even start? I went into this book expecting a bit of spice, a bit of violence, and a lot of drama. I got that, and so much more with Lavishly Lawless. As always, Erin blew me away with her writing and I can honestly say that I was captivated by this read the entire time. 


Lavishly Lawless follows Layla, sister to Axel and best friend to Sadie from books 1 and 2 of the Hell Hounds MC series. 

Layla hasn’t felt like she was a part of the club life for a long time, but when she accidentally murders the president of the Kent chapter of the Hell Hounds, she has no choice but to stay put for two weeks as they investigate the death. 

Layla comes face to face with four men who seductively make their way into her life, but can she overcome the challenges that come with being involved with the Hell Hounds again, or will her running thoughts get the best of her?


Layla was a character that I didn’t know too much about before this book, but I’d seen brief glimpses throughout books one and two. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed her character. Often, she had a bratty model attitude, but it only added to her character and who she was. She didn’t have an easy life by any means, and it was only more significant when she showed us just how serious her mind weighs on her life. Her head is full of thoughts of self-doubt and anger towards the things she cannot do, and while she is definitely a self-destructive character, she took the book down a path that I really enjoyed. I found myself relating to parts of her character, including the self-destructive parts, and it made me feel like she was genuine with all of her actions. I just really enjoyed having her as the lead girl of the book. 

In terms of the men, where do I start? Dex was an absolute delight to come across. His seductive teasing had me from the beginning and his “Little Girl” nickname had me in chokehold. The power that he held over me was SERIOUS. 

Sparrow/Carter was a character that often got on my nerves because of how much of a jerk he was to Layla throughout the book, but honestly, he played the part so well, and one of the guys had to be a complete and utter ass. His “baby doll” nickname was so cute for Layla and despite his teasing, it was clear that he was obsessed with her. 

In terms of Zayne/Bulldog, I felt like his heart was soft and I liked seeing a softer guy in the group. His feelings were always out there for Layla to see and his “darlin’” nickname had me from the beginning. 

Finally, my favorite was Isaac/The Herald. I don’t know what it was about Isaac but he just caught my attention. I felt like he somehow cared in another, deeper way. It didn’t seem like it was just about sex for him and from the beginning, he kind of took care of Layla in a way that the others didn’t seem to do? I don’t know, but he just had me completely and I’d choose Isaac!


The Kent clubhouse was a little different than Cole’s club since it was a bit more rundown, however, it still held the clubhouse vibes and got me in the mood for drinking and being rowdy with the crowd. 


Erin’s writing constantly has me in a death grip. I have no idea how she does it but anytime I sit down to read a chapter of her book, I end up reading the entire thing and I absolutely love it. They’re so captivating and inviting and have the perfect amount of spice and plot. It’s perfect. 

In Conclusion… 

I loved this edition of the Hell Hounds MC series! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Hell Hounds next!

Rating: 5/5⭐

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