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Movie Review: The Flash

Okay so I’m not a super huge fan of DC movies and the DC universe, but this past week I’ve spent most of my time being sick, and needed some movies to watch. Superhero movies are always a fun time in my household, especially with my dad being obsessed with Marvel movies. I’ve always loved the experience of going to the movie theater and watching the superhero movies while he’d be referencing comics and I’d just be enjoying their outfits and really cool superpowers. 

Anyways, The Flash was one of those movies that I’d hoped would be a hit. I watched the four hour version of Justice League and I actually kind of liked The Flash in that movie. He was funny and he was a kid so he was way more relatable to someone like me who’s pretty similar in age. I’d loved watching Wonderwoman, I’d even enjoyed Batman in the movie. It was super cool to see another superhero gang and see them defeat enemies and everything, but they were kind of eclipsed by Superman. 

While I haven’t seen any of the Superman movies, I feel like he kind of rules the DC universe. It’s a little annoying honestly. I wish that the other members of that universe were able to have more of a role in the group movies considering how strong they are in individual movies. I mean Diana and Bruce were able to showcase their powers and everything but it ultimately came down to Clark being the one who could fix everything – again. 

Despite my excitement to watch this movie, it was pretty bad. Okay, okay, I might be biased. I’m a marvel girl at heart. But I just didn’t find the movie entertaining! There were times when it made me laugh but there was no real emotion or attachment to the movie or the characters. It didn’t have me reflecting on my experience and saying, “yeah, that was a good movie, I’d watch that again,”. It made me want to turn it off. It was such a long movie and the plot seemed to go around in circles. 

From the few DC universe movies that I’ve seen, I’ve enjoyed some of them. I was definitely curious about The Flash, mostly because of my love for the Wonderwoman movies. Diana is such a strong character and she was portrayed so well. I loved the first Wonderwoman movie and I’ve seen it many times since watching it in the theaters. I’d thought that DC would have continued with their strong production and storyline, but no. 

I hate to break it to you guys, I might be a superhero lover, but nothing can beat that “Avengers Assemble!” feeling in my heart. While Wonderwoman managed to crawl her way into my heart, I’m going to have to turn away The Flash. It just didn’t live up to my expectations.

For a movie to watch while you’re sick and coughing your lungs out, it’s not too bad. It was something to pass the time. If you’re looking for a movie to just watch the hours tick away – this is it.

Rating: 2/5⭐️

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