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My Life With The Walter Boys: Season 1, Episode 1

Booktok is RAVING about this series that Netflix just put out, so being me, I jumped on the train of the Walter Boys. I’ve just finished season 1, episode 1, and here are my thoughts:


  1. Jackie is an interesting narrator/main character

Despite Jackie’s life being thrown upside down, she doesn’t seem to be coping in the way one would expect. This is interesting to me. We don’t usually get a lot of characters that grieve in uncommon ways and it’s almost refreshing to see this side of grief. It’s very clear that Jackie is missing her family and is stuck in a completely different life than she is used to, but instead of resentment and anger, she’s kind and sticking up for herself. As someone studying psychology and looking to be a therapist, it’s a new perspective from a TV show that gave me a boost to watch more. 

Jackie is also New York fashion week personified. She comes from a very rich family and a very rich lifestyle. Wearing Ralph Lauren, she goes to her new school where you can see most students don’t bother as much with their looks or outfit choices. Jackie is a refreshing new perspective of the school, an outsider who is being forced in. 

  1. Is this the summer I turned pretty but a knock-off version?

Two things are certain after watching this first episode. Cole is pretty much Conrad in a different font and Alex is basically Jeremiah. And yep, you guessed it, Jackie is Belly. The trio is back together but in a knock-off form and it’s almost interesting to see just how predictable the show is. Jackie is obviously going to end up kissing Alex and Cole is going to end up being so hurt that he shows her how he truly feels with some grand gesture that turns the tide and Jackie will end up being stuck in the middle, falling for two brothers (I know, isn’t that just like another show that came out earlier this year??). It’s interesting to see just how deep the love triangle trope goes and how many ways that it can be done while sticking to the exact same themes of the girl having to choose between two super hot boys that both give her different (but good) feelings. Will she pick the safer and sweeter option (Alex), or will she go for the boy that ignites a flame inside her (Cole)? 

  1. Cole and Alex will inevitably end up with a rift between them because of Jackie

As much as I hate it when two members of a family fight over a girl, it’s predictable enough to know that Cole and Alex are going to be the ones fighting over Jackie and Jackie will choose based on who fights harder. 

  1. I am already obsessed with this show

Yep, predictable, but funny and cute and the lighthearted romance that I need to get through my exams. 

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