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My Life With The Walter Boys: Season 1, Episode 2

Okay, and now I’m definitely addicted. The episodes for this series are way shorter than the usual Netflix mini-series and I love how quickly I’m getting through them. Already I’m obsessed with Cole’s look and his almost morally-gray vibes. Alex is such a sweetheart, and the rest of the family are trouble-makers lol. 


It seems like every time Jackie starts to settle into her life in a small town, something happens that sets her back. Grief is like that sometimes but it can’t help that she’s living with pretty much only boys, her family is gone, she’s stuck in a new school, and oh yeah, her hair has been bleached for a prank. 

I’m genuinely surprised that Jackie didn’t have some sort of emotional breakdown and just let it all out, but hey, grief is different for everyone and it’s interesting to see how she’s coping. Already she’s immersed herself in the student council, and gotten involved in many activities throughout the school. I feel like I’m starting to understand Jackie and her coping mechanisms. It’s interesting to me because I feel like I cope the same way, by shoving work and other things to keep me busy down my throat rather than taking on the issue and my emotions head on. 

I feel like I’m also starting to understand the boys of the family a little better. Cole might be a prick but he’s also a sweetheart when he wants to be. Alex is the softie of the family and the quiet one. It’s also cool to see how Jackie interacts very differently with each family member. 

This episode gave us a little drama, a little excitement and a lot of tension between Alex and Jackie. It’s clear to see which Walter boy is currently winning over her heart and I’m excited to see where Jackie’s heart takes her next. 

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