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My Top 5 Holiday Movies to Cozy Up With This Winter Season

Despite my finals season kicking my butt, holiday movies are keeping me in the Christmas and festive spirit. I’ve been slowly making my way through my christmas watch list and honestly? There’s nothing better. 

Grab yourself a cozy blanket, put on your fuzzy socks, and get that hot chocolate going because these are some movies you aren’t going to want to miss this Christmas season

  1. Love, Actually

I know, I know, I’m starting with the iconic and classics. Love, Actually is probably my all time favorite christmas/holiday movie. I mean the vibes, the romance, the aesthetic. You can’t get a better holiday movie. The characters are AMAZING, the story is adorable, I love it! This is one of those movies that I looked forward to every single year, and it never ever gets old. 

Love, Actually has become a sort of tradition movie for me. I watch it every Christmas Eve and nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than cozying up with these comfort characters and seeing Keira Knightly watch her wedding video seeing only herself. Like yes, girl you do look quite pretty!!!

  1. The Holiday

Yep, another classic. Another amazing classic. This one is my best friend’s favorite and I can’t lie, I respect it. The story gives you winter romance, meet-cutes, and let’s not even mention the soundtrack because oh my god it’s perfect. The soundtrack will have you playing it non-stop over the rest of the winter season. 

It’s been years since I’ve seen this movie, but I remember being absolutely obsessed with the vibes that Jude Law and his little daughters gave me. How freaking adorable?!

  1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter might not be a proper Christmas movie/series, but what could be better than watching Harry be surprised at his Christmas gifts and seeing the Great Hall all festive for Christmas? Literally nothing can beat that. 

If you need more arguments as to why Harry Potter is a Christmas movie, check out the actual wizarding world website – there are so many beautiful scenes full of festivity and Christmas joy. 

  1. The Other Zoey

This isn’t a christmas movie technically either, but the winter vibes and the snowy ski resort is giving festive. They’re all dressed up in their ugly christmas sweaters and cozying up in hot tubs and I loved the vibes and romance from this movie!

P.S. if you’re a romance book-lover: this is the movie for you!!!! 

  1. The Doctor Who Christmas Specials

Yes, yes, I know this isn’t technically a Christmas movie, but I’m a whovian at heart and my Doctor Who heart is telling you – no, begging you – to rewind and watch all your favorite Christmas specials. These are some of the best episodes of the entire show and I love rewatching them with my family. It’s so fun to see how the story used to be and how it’s changed now. 

My particular favorite: The End of Time Part 1 & 2 (probably two of the best episodes in Doctor Who history and the reunions had me ON THE FLOOR from happiness) 

Have a lovely holiday season! <3

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