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Path to Redemption – Amber Isabelle

Path to Redemption surprised me in the best way possible. I had no idea what to expect as I ventured through the book, however, every chapter pulled my expectations up higher, and they were met every time. I couldn’t get enough of this book, reading in every spare minute and thinking about these characters when I couldn’t read. 


When Jaxon Cage, a single father, ventures into Fighter’s Den, claiming he wishes to learn how to fight and redeem his brother’s death, Coach Greg Resnick has no choice but to let him try. With a five year old daughter on his hands, Jaxon is in over his head as he works tirelessly to become the boxer that he wishes to be. The only problem is, Jaxon has become a bit distracted, resisting Couch Resnick’s daughter, Emily. 

Emily is a quiet and shy elementary teacher, leading a simple life until she meets Jaxon Cage. She’s immediately attracted to him, especially when she sees his devotion to his five year old daughter and his newfound goal to become a boxer. 

As Jaxon and Emily slowly fall for each other, will the ghosts of Jaxon’s past bring them to break the relationship? 


Let me just say, ugh, Jaxon Cage. Have I ever fallen for some dark and brooding guy more? His mysterious and dark past constantly kept me on the edge of my seat and I was nearly shaking in anticipation as to what really happened between his brother and him and what his family life is like. He’s one of those guys that doesn’t open up easily and I loved seeing him grow into someone that is more comfortable and in touch with his feelings. Also, can we talk about how sweet he is to his little girl? I’m sorry but if you don’t have a weak spot for men with kids, what are you doing?! It was so adorable and Lizzie, his daughter, clearly adored the man. 

Emily, our other main character, was an absolute gem to follow. I felt myself really relating to her as someone who isn’t overly social, except with people that she really knows. I loved seeing her side of the story and how she would react to everything since the majority of the time, I would do the same. Her relationship with her father is to die for, and similar to mine with my father, and her relationship with Jaxon was insanely crazy and emotional to follow. 

The rest of the crew at Fighter’s Den has become a sort of family for these characters (and me). I can’t wait to see more of them as I continue the series. 


Fighter’s Den seems like your average gym for boxers, but it’s so much more than that. A family formed there and I can’t help but adore the setting because so many emotional things have taken place there. It was amazing to see these characters bond in a way that I could really understand, inside of a place that felt like home to them. 


If you’ve read my previous reviews on wattpad stories, then you know my expectations are never super high. I’m always worried that books like this will read like fanfiction and that’s not what I wanted in this book. As usual, this author surprised me by giving me a world that I got lost in. Every word made me wish for more and every chapter kept me coming back. I laughed, I cried (a lot), but most of all I fell in love with all of the characters and their stories, which is something that not every author can do!

In Conclusion… 

I loved every second of this book. Fans of boxing, action, romance, a little bit of smut, and an emotional rollercoaster, I definitely recommend!

Rating: 5/5⭐

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