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Project Chimera: Series Review – S.H. Steele

Okay, so I loved this series so I’m going to do a review of all of the books. I’ll link all the books to their titles too if you want more detailed reviews of each!

Chimera’s Fire

In this book we’re introduced to Project Chimera, a group of three supernaturals, along with their mentor. The team goes on a mission to erase an important file from Alpha Technologies. After heading to a safe house after their mission, the team learns of their mentor’s death. Seeking revenge, they go after the murderer, only to discover an organization called Orthrus, targeting supernatural individuals. 

After meeting team Chimera, I gotta say, I was addicted. I fell quickly in love with these characters and their banter and they kept me constantly on my toes with the action and supernatural abilities. 

The Goat’s Body

In this story, we follow Verity as she takes us along a mission to Cairo, Egypt. We’re able to see the Great Sphinx somehow come to life, and secrets are revealed about Orthrus. 

I loved following Verity in this book. I feel like I got a lot of insight into her character and who she is as a person outside of Chimera. She’s definitely softer than I expected which I really liked seeing. I feel like she has so much depth and her past is way deeper than I knew and it adds so much to her character and the entire team. 

The Serpent’s Tail

Following Clark’s point of view, we go on a mission to Italy. Clark takes us to a festival where they catch a supernatural with venomous abilities who is murdering women. Along the way, we find out more about Orthrus and their organization as well as the fact that Director Hunter is still alive, just being held captive.

Clark’s point of view was so refreshing. He’s such a fun character that I never actually liked before this book. I feel like he’s so much more than a party boy which is kind of what the other books make him out to be. He has a serious past where he faked his own death, and he’s just an overall really cool character who lives in the moment and goes with the flow. 


After finding out Director Hunter is alive, we see his side of the story by following the events that he took to get to his being captured. We’re able to see Director Hunter as he develops from a high school kid with a dream of making a team of supernatural, to leading a group of highly trained supernatural kids and making them into a real spy group. After finding a video with team Chimera’s powers on display, along with a letter from someone called Orthrus, Director Hunter uses his team to get rid of the video and ensure their safety, only to be captured by the organization which his death faked. 

Following Director Hunter in this book was so cool. I feel like we never get to see the mentors points of views in books like this but it added so much to the story. I love how it was placed between finding out he was alive and the next book where he’s being saved too. It was just perfect placement that made the story ten times better and added so much depth. 

The Lion’s Head

This final installment in the series follows River once again as we dive into the Orthrus organizations base and save Director Hunter from his capture. We learn about a device that keeps the patients controlled, causing Director Hunter’s health to be depleted and weakened. River infiltrates the base, coming face to face with the leader of the Organization once and for all. 

Following River was such a nice change again. I love his character and his abilities are so cool. As we follow him and his teammates to rescue their beloved mentor, we find out the final secrets of Orthrus which completely blew my mind. 


This was such a fun series. I love how short each of the books were too, they were just the perfect amount of content in each book to keep me motivated to read. I loved each of the characters and their stories were so cool. 

This series was a great read and it got me out of a huge book slump. Steele’s writing was so refreshing and easy to get into and I couldn’t get enough!

Overall Rating: 5/5⭐

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