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Project Chimera: The Goat’s Body – S.H. Steele

If you’ve seen my review for Chimera’s Fire, the first book in this series, you’d know how excited I was to get my hands on this one! I was blown away with this story and how much I loved these characters. It was such a nice break from the fantasy I’ve recently been reading and I love how I was able to get completely lost in the story in only a matter of pages. 


After the events of the last book (Chimera’s Fire), which was in River’s point of view, we’re now able to see the goat’s body of project chimera, which is Verity Monroe. 

Project Chimera has now been confirmed as part of the agency at Nexus, and they’re sent on a mission to Cairo, Egypt to find out more about Orthrus, a company that is doing everything they can to destroy Director Hunters hard work and legacy. 

We follow Clark, Verity and River as they hunt for the latest clue to lead them to Orthrus, coming upon secrets that they’d never been told, and finding out more about the person who led them to this point. 


Since we’re seeing the story from Verity’s point of view, let’s start there. Verity was such an easy character to follow. She genuinely loves her teammates which is really nice to see, but she’s also super beaten up over Director Hunters death. It’s clear that she had some sort of bond with him that the others possibly didn’t have, and Director Hunter is someone who she really looked up to and admired. I feel like she’s one of those characters that’s super strong on the outside but is falling apart on the inside. 

Along with that, we see a bit about her past too. Verity trusted someone that she shouldn’t have and it got her parents murdered so I think that she has every right to feel broken over losing Director Hunter who became another person that she held dear. 

We’re also able to see a bit more of River in this book who we followed in Chimera’s Fire. I think his power of shapeshifting is super cool and I can’t get enough of his many changes that he makes to make the mission go well. He also seems like the leader of the group and kind of holds everyone together which I can totally see happening. 

Finally, Clark. I’m not completely sure how I feel about Clark. I feel like I don’t know enough about him yet. He mentioned that Director Hunter was like a father to him, but to be honest, I feel like he isn’t showing too much emotion when it comes to his death. I definitely like his character, but he makes me a bit wary. 


We’re able to see a bit more of Nexus’ headquarters, except this time Project Chimera actually has their own office space which seems simple enough. 

We also head to Egypt and see a museum as well as the Great Sphinx which was super cool. I definitely could imagine everything happening and it was described so well. 


I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. It was so easy to get into and I’m loving how short each book is. I feel like I can get a grasp on each character and then find out a bit more of the others in the next books which is really cool. 

The writing is also making me fall for the characters and I’m really enjoying spending time with them. Their banter is so adorable and you can tell that they’re a strong team that sticks up for each other despite their differences. 

In Conclusion… 

I loved this book as much as the first one. It’s the perfect kind of book to keep you motivated. The action was intense and exciting, the characters were witty and emotional, it was just the perfect book and exactly what I needed from it. 

Rating 5/5⭐

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