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Project Chimera: The Lion’s Head – S.H. Steele

Wow. Just wow. How is it possible that I fell in love with these characters in a matter of sentences? This final installment in the series just blew my mind. 


After Orthrus took their mentor from them, Project Chimera has stopped at nothing to get him back. In this book, River and his team travel to Australia and infiltrate Orthrus’ base to get Director Hunter back.

We follow River as he takes the role of Mr. Johnson, and comes face to face with the leader of Orthrus. But, as they take him down, more secrets are revealed about the organization and the supernatural. 

With Verity and Clark captured by the leader of Orthrus, does River have what it takes to get Director Hunter back and destroy the organization?


As we follow River in this book, I figured we’d start with him. I loved being back in Rivers shoes. I’ve always thought that his power was the coolest and honestly he’s my favorite character of the series. I feel like his leadership style is something I can relate to and I admire how he keeps a level head despite everything going crazy around him. He’s strong enough to get his mentor back while also fighting with his two best friends and family members, while also trying to keep his cool as he’s playing a role of Mr. Johnson. He’s just such a cool character. 

Verity is also a character that I adore and while we aren’t in her shoes through this book, her powers are definitely helpful. She’s a super interesting character and I feel like she brings a lot into the book that makes it a lot better. 

Clark is hilarious. I used to be unsure about him but after The Serpents Tail, I love him. His power isn’t particularly helpful in combat, but I feel like he’s such a nice addition to the team. They definitely can get a lot of information by using Clark’s powers which is great. 

Director Hunter’s point of view in the last book gave me a lot of insight into his character. I feel like he’s endured so much and when he sees River again it gives me so much joy. He obviously loves them just as much as they love him and I love how much of a family they are together. It’s adorable. 


In Australia, we enter the super secret base of Orthrus, which is pretty much just a warehouse. I wasn’t particularly blown away with this setting to be honest. I feel like it’s a pretty typical super spy type headquarters. I don’t know, I mean it fit with the setting, but it wasn’t something I was super excited about. 


As usual, I loved Steele’s writing. I was pulled in from the beginning and couldn’t stop reading. I didn’t put the book down until I’d finished, and it was just an overall great writing style that I can really get behind. It was easy to follow and I really liked it. 

In Conclusion… 

I loved this book and I feel like it was such a great ending to this series! I definitely can’t get enough of these characters and I love how it ended too. 

Rating: 5/5⭐

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