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Rhapsodic – Laura Thalassa

This book is one of my new favorites. Honestly, I don’t know how I went so long without reading this! If you’ve checked out my Twitter then you definitely saw how much I adored this book while reading it, and you know I’m giving it a 5-star review! The world-building, character development, and slow-burn tension were incredible. 


Callypso (Callie) Lillis is a siren with a seriously dark past. One night, just before she turns sixteen, something terrible happens, and Callie calls upon the Bargainer to help clean up the mess. The Bargainer, a fae king, asks for no repayment in exchange for the help as Callie is a minor, and he doesn’t deal with minors. 

A little while later, Callie is enrolled in a school for the supernaturally gifted. The Bargainer’s magic is wearing off, so once again, Callie calls on him to help, only to find that she enjoys his company. Callie buys favor after favor from the Bargainer, buying his time and company. 

Seven years later, the Bargainer reappears in Callie’s life, stating that repayment is now due. All 322 of the black beads that Callie has collected as a form of IOU are now due in favor of the Bargainer and she must do as he requests. 

For the Bargainer, this isn’t just about an old friendship or romance, it’s about his Kingdom in the Otherworld. Fae warriors are beginning to go missing, and he cannot figure out why. Only women are returned in glass caskets, “sleeping”, with small children in their arms. The only hope that the Bargainer has of retrieving his missing warriors, is Callie and her siren glamour. 

I loved this entire plotline. It reminded me of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series a little, especially with references to “under the mountain” or “mates”. But, despite that, I loved every second of this. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down. I was completely in love with the slow-burn romance happening between Des and Callie, and I was completely shocked to find out who the Thief of Souls was. 

“Forget the supernatural bounty hunters that are after him; that fucker is mine.”


Our main character, Callie, was so funny. She was a genuinely good person who didn’t deserve anything that happened to her. I loved every second of being with her, and she was sarcastic, witty, and hilarious to be around. Also, her siren side was so interesting to see. It was such a different take on sirens and the myths that surround them, and I have to say that I was so intrigued and I’m excited to learn more about it. 

Des was also a character I completely adored. His secrets are something that makes him, him. He has a soft-spot for Callie which I absolutely loved, he was sarcastic and witty and sometimes devilishly funny. He was such a well-rounded character and every time I learned more about him, I fell for him even more. He definitely makes one of my top book boyfriends!

Temper Darling was another character that made me laugh so many times throughout the book. Her complete love for Callie was something that made her amazing, and she was genuinely hilarious in her phone calls too. “Hey bitch!”. I just overall loved her.


There were a few settings in this book but we can start with the first one! Callie’s Malibu beach house is pretty much one of the coolest houses I can think of. It sounds so elegant but beautiful. The home was just so…her. The cliff leading to the ocean, the sand between your toes, everything in the house was so beautifully dedicated to her character, which I absolutely loved. 

There was also Callie and Tempers office which we didn’t see a ton of, but still sounded homey enough for the two girls. It seemed functional enough, however, it was an office, so it was pretty boring, to say the least. 

Des’ home was also magnificently beautiful. It was a mansion, as I imagined it, and I loved the fact that he included the cliff edge in his home which was something that Callie loved in her own home. Along with that, I loved how he decorated his room and some of his house with significant objects to their relationship, such as the Venetian masks. It was just so adorable to see that his house has been made for him and Callie to share, and he genuinely wants her there too. 

I also have to mention the setting of the Otherworld. In Des’ kingdom of Night, it sounded absolutely beautiful. I love how he never considers the “changelings” as slaves, and it is also mentioned that gay marriage is allowed in his court while it may be ignored in others. From what I’ve learned about it so far, I absolutely love. 


This writing style was incredible. I was constantly intrigued and wanting to read more. Along with that, I loved how sarcastic it was! I genuinely laughed, cried, and felt everything while reading this book and I loved every second of it. 

“This is it, the moment I’ve been waiting seven years for. I exhale. “You’re finally here to collect.””

In Conclusion… 

This is probably one of my favorite books now and I’m so excited to read the next ones! Des and Callie have definitely made my list of top couples, and Des has made the list of favorite book boyfriends! I loved the spice, fantasy, and romance included in this book and the plot captured my attention endlessly. 

Rating: 5/5⭐

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