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Rose Red – Stephanie Van Orman

As someone who isn’t super into sci-fi, I was a little worried about this read and how I would enjoy it. The synopsis sounded like my cup of tea, and I was pleased to see that it actually was while I was reading the book. 


In the year 2214, you can buy a girl who can whip you into shape. The many different models can put you on a diet, change your business, entertain house guests, and so much more. Sleeping Beauty Inc. sells them at a reasonable price for your benefit!

So what happens when Harrison buys a model that isn’t exactly what he planned for? What happens when he buys the Rose Red, a model that has had her memory wiped and must be bought for life instead of yearly?


I immediately liked Harrison. His character was someone I could relate to. He was just lonely and wanted someone in his home with him as he struggled to make ends meet. He needed help and that’s exactly why he went and bought Paige, the Rose Red model. I feel like Harrison is one of those characters that a lot of people could relate to. He’s super simple and straightforward. He’s really easy to like. 

Paige was a character I wasn’t sure about but as the book went on I began to enjoy her. At first, I thought that she might be a bit stuck up and rude to Harrison who is nothing but kind, but she seemed to accept that this is her life and seemed to enjoy it after a while and I like that she didn’t make a huge fuss. Her whole memory wipe thing was a little crazy and it’s a bit extreme, especially over a guy, but I like that it made her a little bit different than just a normal woman. 


Stephanie Van Orman made the book easy and quick to read. I sat down and finished it in a day when I expected to read it over the course of a few. It was a simple story that brought in a little sci-fi and an interesting plot. 

In Conclusion… 

This was a quick and easy read for any fans of sci-fi romances!

Rating: 4/5⭐

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