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Shadow Me – Tahereh Mafi

I love love loved this novella. The kenji content has me going crazy.

The Story

From Kenji’s point of view, we see the aftermath of Juliette and Warners breakup, the meeting of the children of Supreme commanders, Nazeera and Kenji’s relationship develop, and the symposium where Restore Me ended. 

The Characters

I love Kenji, and I love Nazeera. They’re so freaking adorable and this book only had me wrapped even tighter around Kenji’s finger. Good god this man has me in a chokehold, I love him.

The Writing Style

This quick novella was such a fun read and gave me the perfect pov for a bit of romance, angst and tension. Love me some Kenji content!

Do I recommend?

This book added a few little tidbits of the shatter me world. It was so fun to see Kenji trip over Nazeera and it was so cool to his point of view regarding Castle and his overall life at headquarters. I definitely recommend for all of the Kishimoto fans!

Rating: 5/5⭐️

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