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Sundays in Bed With…My Psych Textbook

Why, hello bookworms! I’d love to say that this Sunday I’m binging an amazing book and fueling my escapism dreams, but unfortunately, my psychology textbook has taken over my life.

I’ve been reading Dune, super slowly though. The book has such a slow start and I’m definitely struggling to get into it. I’ve got faith though! The movie was AMAZING, so I’m looking forward to understanding the story in a new light and properly getting to know the characters. I feel like the movie conveys everything pretty well, but there’s always another level of understanding that we readers can find from the details in the book. 

Like I mentioned last Sunday, I’m reading this because it’s my dad’s absolute favorite book. We’ve also been watching the new season of the Wheel of Time show, which is so good right now!! My dad has been giving me a history lesson, basically, for me to understand everything that’s going on during the show, but it’s so so worth it and it’s so fun to watch. It’s one of those shows that’s very much an escape. I forget I’m watching it sometimes, it’s just so action-packed and intense. If you’re looking for a new fantasy show – Wheel of Time is definitely the way to go. 

This week has been the most hectic week possible and has been full of readings, lectures, tests, and quizzes. It’s been INSANE. I can’t say that I’m not loving it though. The Rory Gilmore in me is very pleased with my crazily packed schedule and the amount of classes I’ve got. It’s only helping that it’s now fall and the weather is turning cold. You know I’ve got my coziest of cozy sweaters out. 

Speaking of Rory Gilmore, this weather has definitely had me craving a Gilmore Girls rewatch, so I’ve been doing that in my few hours of free time a week. I’ve also been writing a lot! My book is coming together slowly, slowly, but I’ve been writing articles for Her Campus, a magazine that is run by the students at my university. It’s been super awesome to get into my writing again and to feel like my articles are actually going somewhere. My first post “3 Binge-Worthy Series to Get You in the Fall Mood” is coming out soon and I’m super excited to see it on a website that many journalist students are also using to publish their work. 

Other than that, university has pretty much been taking over my life. I’m taking nearly double the amount of classes that you’re supposed to take, so it’s definitely pretty busy and I’m barely surviving hahaha. I’ve definitely found a good routine for myself and found that I’m super interested in lifestyle, wellness, and promoting mental health. I feel like it’s so important to promote positive mental health to people, especially during times of university work and the general busyness of life. Because of this, I’ve actually opened a new section on this blog! You can find it here, and it’s all about mental health, lifestyle, psychology, wellness, journaling, and everything under the sun that is related to being a healthy human in today’s society (mentally, and physically). 

I’m so excited to start writing about mental health which is something I’m so passionate about. My degree covers psychology, mental disorders, and mental health, so this is definitely up my alley and I feel like I needed a place to talk about the mental health and wellness tips I’ve found that work for me. I know that tons of people my age, and even not my age, are struggling with mental health and don’t know how to help that. I’m not a professional, by any means, but I have found a few things that keep me sane while getting through my mountains of work and the stuff on my plate so I figured it could never hurt :)). 

Best of luck in the new week, bookworms!

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