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Sundays in Bed With… Queen of the Dome

I’m finally on reading week at my university, so you know what that means! I’m picking up the books that I’ve been wanting to get around to for AGES. First on my list is Queen of the Dome. The third book in this series came out super recently, and I’ve been waiting for ages to start the series, but I wanted all of the books to be out so I could binge-read them all in one go. 

I started the first book, Queen of the Dome yesterday and I’m completely obsessed with it already. Only a few chapters in and I’m completely hooked on the story and whether Cade will be okay after taking the punishment for his brother. The characters immediately had me wrapped around their fingers, and while the book does read somewhat like an old Wattpad book, it’s exactly what I needed to get myself out of a three-month slump. 

This Sunday is going to be filled with lots of hot tea (probably earl grey for me), cozy blankets, and a break from being on my laptop. This past month has been so hectic, and I’ve barely had a break from technology. I’m due for a much-needed read-a-thon, and you know I’m going to be whipping my way through this book and hopefully get through the next two during this week as well. 

For a little update for you guys:

I’m writing for Her Campus at my university chapter now!

Her Campus is a magazine for girls by girls! My university is lucky enough to have a chapter and I’m taking part in lots of things over on the social media side, but I’m also writing for the magazine! If you’re interested in all things girl then you should definitely check it out, it’s a great resource for tips and tricks in university and current events going on in pop culture! I’m doing my usual entertainment posts, but I’ve also been branching out and writing a few other types of content styles so definitely check that out if you’re interested!

I’ve got a lifestyle and wellness section that is now available to be browsed through 

I’ve found that a lot of my life revolves around wellness and mindfulness now, so I figured that it would be fitting to make a section for all things wellness. I’m trying to change my life around by being true to who I am and what makes me happy so this is a section where I’ll be updating based on that part of my life!

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