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project chimera

The Serpent and the Bear – S.H. Steele

I was so excited to be able to get back into the world of Project Chimera and the supernatural. It was so good to see Clark again and his journey to defeat some supernatural powers that are being taken advantage of, is so amazing and captivating to read about.

The Lion and the Gods – S.H. Steele

I loved this final installment in the Lion’s Head series. Seeing River and Lacey’s story come to an end was so exciting and the intensity had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book!

Dreamers Choice – S.H. Steele

This was a great addition to this already amazing series. I loved seeing more of each of these characters as their stories continued and the fight between the dream realm and mortal realm continues.

Dreamers Fortune – S.H. Steele

This was such a cool addition to the dreamers saga so far. I was reeled back into the world of walkers vs. runners and Alyssa and Marco’s love story.

Dreamers Destiny – S.H. Steele

This book was kind of amazing. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, especially since this isn’t the typical Steele genre I’ve read before, but I was sucked into a magical world of walkers vs. runners and once-in-a-lifetime love.