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The Alchemist – Paul Coelho

This book is something I think everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. The message is so strong and everybody should learn the meaning of the Alchemist and the boys’ journey to the pyramids. 

The Plot

A boy named Santiago has two recurring dreams where there is a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids. He meets an old man that tells him it is his “Personal Legend” to find that treasure at the pyramids and that he should go there immediately and follow the omens. The boy goes, and we follow his journey through villages, deserts until he finally achieves what everyone should in their lifetime. His “Personal Legend”. 

I think that the meaning of this book is so deep and something that everybody has to learn. Following your dreams is so important, and through this book, you can see just how amazing it is when you reach the end and finally complete your “Personal Legend”. 

The Message

The alchemist taught me so many things in a matter of hours. Making decisions, realizing that fear is the greater obstacle than the obstacle itself, focus on your own journey to happiness, continue getting back up. All of these lessons were taught to me in 180 pages, and it is so important to remember each of these things as life goes on. 


The story follows a boy named Santiago who has always wanted to travel. I think the boy was the perfect character to follow as the story went on. He began as being a shepherd, who only wanted to travel and see the merchant’s daughter once a year. His biggest fear was her being married to another shepherd who could read and tell her incredible stories. However, as the story went on, he grew into a boy who was strong and focused on his journey to the pyramids to fulfill his “Personal Legend”. I really admire his strength across his journey and I think that I have to learn to behave in the present and not think about the future as much as I do and realize that whatever happens in the present affects my future. As the story went on, the boy fell in love with a girl of the desert, which only made him stronger throughout his journey as he was working his way back to her. 

There was also the character of the old king whom the boy would see in many of the people he confided in. The old king was the anchor the boy held whenever thinking of his “Personal Legend” and as he went along in his journey, he also followed the wisdom of the old king. I think that it was really important to have him as a character as he was the guide that the boy needed throughout his journey to stay strong and follow through. Without the old king, the boy would still be a shepherd and would not have gone on his incredible journey to the pyramids. 

The alchemist was also wise and trustworthy to the boy. The alchemist was another guide for the boy from his time in the desert to the pyramids. He taught the boy how to speak to the desert, the wind, and the sun, and how to be kind to the earth and teach them of the love he felt for the girl of the desert. 


The writing in this book is amazing. Every word has significance as the boy goes on his journey and it is written to have hidden life lessons. The alchemist is written in a way that is unique to many other books I have read, and through its sophisticated writing, it was easy to get through and easy to understand. 


The story starts in the Spanish town of Tarifa and as the boy traveled he made it to Africa. He was in Tangier and then he moved to the Sahara desert and from there he traveled to the Egyptian Pyramids. 

The setting was incredibly important in this book as it shows just how long and difficult the boys’ journey to find his “Personal Legend” actually is. From traveling across the Spanish-African border to a new city, and going into places he has never been before, it was a harder journey than imaginable along with getting his money stolen and having to work in an unknown place. 

In Conclusion… 

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in bettering their life. The alchemist has so many life lessons that are valuable to anybody and it so important that we cherish our lives and continue towards our “Personal Legends”. The story of the shepherd boy and his journey to the pyramids will make you consider what you could change in your life to make you happier and fulfilled. I think that this book should be on everyone’s list to read and learn about life and how important it can be.

Rating: 5/5 ⭐

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