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The Horizon – Erin Mc Luckie Moya

The Horizon was AMAZING. I can’t get over this series. I’m sitting here at 2am bawling my eyes out over this ending and believe me when I tell you I’ll be rereading this asap. 


I mean, what a whirlwind. Reya has been between two realms that she now feels required to protect and with the war finally closing in around her, she must choose between Killion and the man that she loves, and the world that she once called home. Her friends are no longer her friends, more looking to her as a monarch, scared of the power she could wreak upon their lives. Her only hope is to get back to Killion and his band of misfits, the friends that are now family.

Will Reya be able to survive this war? Or will the angel be wiped out?


Reya was a character that I’ve liked the entire time but she really came into her own powers and beliefs throughout this book. After suffering so much at the hands of president gaol and the fae king, she definitely deserves a break but she continues to fight and stay strong and it was really admirable of her. While she did have her ups and downs throughout the book, it was clear that her loyalties lay with her fae pirate King, Killion, who I must mention that I am in love with. 

Killion is one of those characters that you could never get enough of. His dirty comments and flirty ways towards Reya constantly made me smile and I genuinely loved every minute with him. He always let Reya make her own choices and be the person that she wanted to be instead of controlling her life and I always loved that about him. Not to mention he’s also incredibly good in bed which is just Killion for you. Who couldn’t love a dirty fae pirate king?

I want to talk about Shay because while he was a constant throughout Reyas life in the past two books, he just didn’t do it for me in this one. His actions towards Reya were more military-based, and while he’s running an army, she’s still supposed to be his best friend. She shouldn’t be treated like a weapon by someone she’s grown up with and loved for years. It was inhumane and he just didn’t really give me what I was looking for from him.

Another character I want to mention is Silas. First of all, the character development? Wow. Silas has grown from being a trickster that threatens Reya at every turn, into a genuine friend and ally towards Reya, in fact, he basically was the only person that Reya trusted for a time. I genuinely loved his character at the end. He was always looked at as a demon, a creature with no heart, but he has such a soft side and he loves Reya and protects her. His character is so underrated and the amount of credit he gets is so low considering all that he’s done for Reya and her people. He saw the good in everything despite all the bad that had happened to him and I just loved his character so much. 


We skipped between the fae realm and the human world throughout the book with another realm thrown in as a surprise at the end and I have to say that all of these settings have been made up perfectly. I could really tell the magic was there throughout the fae realm and how much people struggled with the war in the human realm. It was so easy to get into all of the settings. 


Erin is always blowing me away with her writing. Throughout this series, she’s made me cry and laugh countless times and this book was no exception, with me literally bawling as I write this. 


I’m so sad to see this trilogy ending. It was such a beautiful series and Erin did such an amazing job at making me feel every single word on the page. I can’t wait to see more of Reya (if there are any more possible books), and read some more of Erin’s writing!!

Rating: 5/5⭐

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