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The Lions Head: The Lion and the Red Glove – S.H. Steele

After reading Project Chimera’s insane story of beating Orthrus and taking back Director Hunter, I was super excited to read this spin-off series that follows River and his new human companions as he trains them to go on missions for Nexus. 


After months of Nexus not contacting him, River Murphy is walking home with his dinner when he meets Jane Thomas, his human partner. She hadn’t contacted him for months, stating that she’d been going on missions by herself, however, she now needs Rivers’ help to infiltrate a base that’s keeping supernaturals captive. Not only this, but her sister is one of the supernaturals being held, and it’s up to Jane and River to get them out safely. 

Against a formula that is meant to disable supernaturals, River and Jane fight their way through the facility, but can they make it in time to save them all?


I’ve liked River from the moment he was introduced into the Project Chimera series. He’s just such a good character and he knows what he’s doing. In this book, he’s definitely missing Verity and Clark a lot and he’s constantly thinking about them. I feel like their family as Project Chimera is just so sweet and I’m definitely glad that I read that series before this spin-off. 

Jane was a new character that was introduced in this book and I hope I see more of her in later books. She seems cocky and arrogant, but I feel like she’s also super funny and she protects her family well. She’s the perfect character to balance out River’s seriousness in the book and I really enjoyed her as a character. 


The main setting for this book was a facility that was holding supernaturals captive. It definitely didn’t seem like a super welcoming place and kind of reminded me of a sort of factory. It just isn’t the type of place anyone would really want to visit and it perfectly suited the book and what it was needed for. 


S.H. Steele kept me intrigued throughout this entire book. I’ve always loved how I could be so hooked into these stories in just a few pages and I could get the entire picture in pretty much an hour. 

The writing style was perfect for the kind of story and I was on the edge of my seat during the intense scenes in the book, just waiting to find out what would happen next. 

In Conclusion… 

I really enjoyed this book! It took me a while to get in the groove of it, especially because I’m used to seeing River, Clark and Verity all together, however, I liked seeing River’s point of view as we defeated some more people against supernaturals. 

Rating: 4.5/5⭐

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