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The Lions Head: The Lion and the Robot – S.H. Steele

This was such a fun story! After the ending of the last book – The Lion and the Red Glove – I was definitely curious to see how River would deal with defeating the enemy of this series and I was super surprised with everything that was going on!


After River blows up a warehouse that is holding captured supernaturals, he’s on the hunt once again for Frieze, the man trying to hold them captive. River is paired up with Rena Matthews, a human that Director Hunter believes will be a good fit. 

River is hesitant at first to work with Rena due to her robot reflexes and stiff actions, however, he later finds out how Rena came to work with Nexus against Frieze. 

Will Rena’s past be an advantage against Frieze, or will it compromise the mission?


As usual, I like River. He’s a great character and I love following along with him as the narrator. I feel like I can easily understand him. While this has been the same throughout the past books, I feel like River is developing an insecurity with the fact that he can’t shift into women or animals. In the last book we’re able to see Jane’s sister shift into animals but not humans, and Jane forces River to try to shift into a woman which he fails to do. In this book, Rena mentions that it would be helpful if he could shift into women and I could feel a sort of insecurity developing for him and the fact that he’s failing at that type of shifting. 

As for Rena’s character, I started off the book a little unsure of her. Her robotic movements weren’t exactly welcoming, however, as the book went on I came to love her character. She’s so cool with her technology and she’s such a strong character, even if it isn’t in combat. I feel like River would be totally lost in this mission without her, especially since this is her area of expertise. 


We started off the book in Nexus’ headquarters which pretty much hasn’t changed. From there, we went to town houses that held royalty and rich people and those were super cool with types of technology that were described. 

Finally, entering Frieze’s warehouse buildings again wasn’t particularly welcoming at all. As you’d expect, the room that we were in was typically metallic and cold. 


Steele’s writing is so easy to get into. I’m hooked by the first line every single time. I was on the edge of my seat with every intense scene and I couldn’t put the book down!

In Conclusion… 

I’m loving this series so far and I can’t wait to see what River is going to do in the next book with his new human partner. It was the perfect mix of intensity, action, and supernatural. 

Rating: 5/5⭐

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