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The Millennium Wolves – Sapir A. Englard

This is probably one of the most binge-worthy supernatural romances I’ve ever read. This book has been recommended to me over and over again by many different people and I can easily say – this is a must read for any alpha romance lovers out there. Galatea is probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

The story

Sienna Mercer has been waiting for her mate for all 19 years of her life. Since the haze hit her at age 16 she’s been saving herself from all of the werewolf men and waiting until the mate bond clicks into place. The problem? Every season of the haze causes her frustration to grow. It doesn’t help when the Alpha decides that she’s his for the season and marks her neck for all to see either.

As the tension grows between Aiden and Sienna, the two of them realize how well they click and how much they need each other. Add to this a political climate of a pack of werewolves and Aiden being the alpha of the pack, you’ve got an incredible romance of Sienna realizing that there is more to her than meets the eye. 

The characters

I can easily say that I fell for Aiden Norwood immediately. Maybe it’s the tension, maybe the gentleness he continued to show Sienna, but all of it adds up to a book boyfriend that I’m obsessed with. His role as an alpha only makes his leadership more attractive as he puts the pack before anything else, Sienna being the exception to this rule. 

Sienna had me a little worried I’d be bored of her at times. When I started the book I was worried she was going to be one of the weaker main characters. Boy, she proved me wrong. I love that Sienna is such a dominant character and so strong in her femininity. It made it so much easier to enjoy her journey as she showed her vulnerable side but continued to stay strong and keep her head held high. 

The tension between Aiden and Sienna had me screaming at the book. I love that Sienna had a past that was complicated and that she genuinely wasn’t like all the other she-wolves. She wasn’t just going to give herself away to anyone. And even when she had realized that Aiden was the one she wanted to give it to, she continued to have reservations, making the book super realistic and relatable. The pair of them had me completely in awe as every step towards figuring out their mating bond was bringing them closer and closer together. 

The writing style

There were times throughout the book that I did find it a little rushed or maybe even not thought out enough, however, the easy to read style and straightforward writing easily makes up for that. It was such a bingeable book and I got through it pretty quickly. 

Do I recommend?

If you’re into werewolf romances, tension filled romances, or anything along those lines – this book is 100% for you. I was easily captured by the characters, the storyline was enticing and kept me on my toes, and the romance had me begging for more. I’m definitely going to continue with the series!

Rating: 4.5/5⭐️

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