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The Selection – Kiera Cass

The Selection has always been one of those guilty pleasure books that I go back to when I’m in a slump and this was no exception. It was such a fun and easy read and I definitely always enjoy the series. If you’ve seen any of my earlier posts then you know that this is a series that I read annually and this time it was able to get me out of a slump from a previous series that I got hooked on. 


The Selection is essentially the Bachelor. Maxon Schreave dates 35 women and eliminates them to find the girl that he wishes to be his wife and one day, the Queen. 

For America Singer, the Selection is a chance to get away from the lack of food, and a broken heart. The palace becomes a sanctuary for her to hide from the issues she left far away at home. Maxon Schreave becomes a beacon that she can talk to. A friend that is always there, tugging his ear. That is until America realizes her feelings are more than just friendship for Maxon, and her former boyfriend shows up at the palace. 

The nightmare that America first saw the Selection as grew into an even bigger mess with her jealousy growing as the other girls spend more and more time with Maxon and America is forced to tell Aspen her true feelings. 

Finally, she realizes that she is fighting for not Maxon, not Aspen, but herself and she’s going to be true to herself no matter the circumstances and no matter what happens. 

“My plan is to enjoy the food until you kick me out.”


I have to admit that America kind of bugs me sometimes. Like it shouldn’t be that hard to pick one of them (especially since Aspen broke her heart), but I get that the book is meant to be a love triangle. Along with that, she just seems a little immature for a seventeen-year-old. Her story was very interesting and she has a kind heart, especially since she takes her maids with her down to the basement to protect them and she genuinely doesn’t hate anyone (except maybe Celeste), but she just didn’t seem mature enough to be in a competition fighting for ruling over a country. 

Maxon however has been a character I’ve always loved. He isn’t my typical dark-haired, morally grey book boyfriend and I like that about him. He’s someone that makes me laugh and his weird uncomfortableness around crying women is just hilarious. He’s also a genuinely sweet character and I love how patient he is with America. Also, when he heard about America’s story with Aspen it seemed like he wanted to fight Aspen and I loved that!

Aspen is..well, I don’t really like him. He’s kind of an idiot, to be honest. I mean who breaks up with someone in a treehouse after they do something nice for you? No. Just, no. It was stupid for him to do and he clearly regretted it, and forcing America to put her name in for the Selection is his fault in the first place so he has no right to really fight for her. He’s the one who pushed her to do it, and now he should live with the consequences instead of sneaking in her room at night to kiss her when she’s falling for Maxon. Yeah, I’m probably biased because I love Maxon, but come on!

Honorable mention: May Singer is adorable and she has my heart!

“Maxon, I hope you find someone you can’t live without. I really do. And I hope you never have to know what it’s like to have to try and live without them.”


Most of this book takes place in the palace and I think it’s absolutely beautiful and mysterious. The secret passages were super cool and I know they’re only used for rebel attacks, but I have to admit that it reminds me of the movie Clue with all of those passages to different rooms!

Along with that, the grand rooms and everything were just so royal and grand that made me fall in love with the beauty of them. The book is meant to be super royal based and it was so I think Cass did an exceptional job at conveying the prim and proper aspect of that. 


I feel like this might be more a middle-grade book than a young adult book, however, I still loved the writing. At times it was a little slow for me, but it was so romantic and beautiful that I wasn’t bored for long. I’m thoroughly invested in America’s relationships! 

In Conclusion… 

This will definitely always be on my guilty pleasure reads list and I love reading this story. The drama is amazing and I’m constantly laughing at how cheesy it is. The romance makes me smile and a little bit giddy and overall I loved the book. 

Rating: 5/5⭐

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