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Trope Tuesday’s – Accidental Pregnancy

Welcome to Trope Tuesday’s with Mayas Bookshelves. This will be a themed post every Tuesday that dives into a chosen trope to explain what it is, how it happens, and some recommendations from me (or any I find online)!

This week’s trope: Accidental Pregnancy

What is the accidental pregnancy trope?

As far as romance books go, accidental pregnancy is a fairly common trope that I, as well as a lot of readers, absolutely despise. While it can make a relationship super intense and meaningful, it just gives me the ick. It really is a way for an author to give the couple’s problems an “out” and ignore them because “oh, what about the baby?”. Yeah, it’s a big no for me. 

This trope usually happens when the couple involved is having a lot of sex, and it usually results in one of them exclaiming that they don’t understand how this happened and the other being like “well, we do have a lot of sex so…” and it’s just super awkward and weird and then it’s kind of like they’re forced to continue a relationship that otherwise would’ve been long gone. 

This trope can have it’s positives through. Despite me bashing it, it does have reasons that it can be helpful in the relationship. I mean, my biggest example of this would be twilight, and it was a positive thing for their relationship. Bella and Edward definitely didn’t see it coming, but it expanded their little family. In that case, they were never having issues worth ending their relationship over, the only issue was that the baby would hurt Bella and Edward couldn’t take it.

Similar to this is Fifty Shades, and Ana definitely wasn’t expecting a baby so Christian obviously freaked out. Despite this, their relationship grew stronger after all of it. 

So yes, regardless of my hatred for this trope, it can have it’s happy endings. It’s just super difficult and kind of annoying to read. 


Fifty Shades Freed

Breaking Dawn

Never Too Far

The Goal

What’s your favorite accidental pregnancy book? Let me know in the comments below!

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