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Trope Tuesdays – The Love Triangle

Welcome to Trope Tuesday’s with Mayas Bookshelves. This will be a themed post every Tuesday that dives into a chosen trope to explain what it is, how it happens, and some recommendations from me (or any I find online)!

This week’s trope: Love Triangle

What is the love triangle trope?

As far as romance books go, love triangles are incredibly common and sometimes are the most hated trope possible. It get’s exhausting to see the main character falling over two people and it creates a divide for fans to decide which of the characters the lead should have their happily ever after with. 

While it can be interesting to see which character is a fan favorite, it can further both relationships because they’re both fighting for the lead’s love to be returned to them. It’s basically a way for an author to give fans the chance to choose. 

My opinions on love triangles

I don’t hate them. I mean, they’re okay. Definitely not my favorite type of romance story or trope, but it can get interesting at times. There’s always one character that you’ll continue to root for throughout the book or series, and (hopefully) they end up with the main character. 

From the few love triangle romances that I’ve read, I can definitely tell you I don’t hate the trope, but it isn’t something I’d reach for if given the option of something else. 


The Twilight Saga

The Selection

The Hunger Games

Red Queen

Vampire Academy

Shatter Me

Three Dark Crowns

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Crown of Midnight

What’s your favorite love triangle book? Let me know in the comments!

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