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Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

I have always been a massive fan of the Twilight movies. As a teenage girl obsessed with romance, Twilight was my favorite and still is. The movies are cheesy and loveable, but, I had never read the books. With the release of Midnight Sun, I figured it was finally time to sit down and read the story of my favorite characters as they fall in love all over again. 


Twilight is the story of Bella and Edwards romance. When Bella moves to Forks, Washington, she never expects to like it. As if being in the rainy, cold, town wasn’t enough, she also has to enroll in a new school and make new friends. 

Everything goes well until she sees the Cullen family in the cafeteria. Bella is immediately intrigued by their mysterious inhuman beauty, and can’t take her eyes off one of the boys, Edward Cullen. 

At first, Edward seems as if he can’t stand to be around her, not even in the same room, however, the two eventually move past it and develop a strange friendship. Bella slowly falls in love with Edward, even though she knows that there is a secret he is keeping from her. 

One day, Bella is invited to a trip down to the beach where she meets a childhood friend, Jacob Black. Jacob tells Bella an old legend surrounding werewolves, and “cold ones”. The “cold ones” are a group of blood drinkers, or vampires, that are not trusted to be around humans on the reservation, where Jacob lives. Bella eventually realizes that Edward and his family are vampires, but this changes nothing for her, and her feelings stay the same towards him. 

After playing baseball with Edwards family, Bella is put into grave danger. They meet a vampire that is a “hunter”, who makes it his “most exciting game” to hunt down Bella. The Cullens do everything they can to protect Bella and her family, only to eventually kill James, the hunter. 

Finally, Bella is safe once again, and Edward takes her to prom. The two talk about everything that has happened and Bella decides that she wishes to be like him. She wants to be with him forever. 


Bella is a character that I actually really liked. She basically narrates everything that she is thinking, and I feel like that’s a nice change from some other books I have read. She’s also super clumsy and I found that really funny, especially because she fell in love with someone who can basically never get hurt. 

Edward is obviously a character that I adore. His love for Bella will always be one of my favorite things in the world. Edward is such a mysterious character and his number one priority will always be protecting Bella. The fact that he’s a vampire makes me love him that much more. I honestly can’t wait to read midnight sun and see what is like to be a vampire and how he really feels about everything that has happened with Bella. 

The relationship with Bella and Edward is beautiful. I will always love this romance, and I feel like it’s stronger than it is portrayed in the movies. Edward is always going to protect Bella, and Bella is going to unconditionally, and irrevocably, love him. 

The Cullen family will forever be one of the best movie and book families to be created. I feel like the fact that they aren’t blood-related makes them that much stronger and the support they have for each other is beautiful. They have what every family should have. I also really love the way the Cullens took in Bella when she was in danger. They didn’t leave her out for the hunter to find, but they took real care of her even if it meant splitting apart their family. I think that is such an amazing thing to see, especially since they did it for Edward’s sake. I really hope we learn more about everyone’s backstory in future books because I feel like I only Carlisle and Edward’s story thoroughly. We only got brief tidbits of the other Cullens stories. 

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.”


There are two settings in this book. Forks, Washington, and Pheonix, Arizona. Forks sounds absolutely beautiful to me. I honestly don’t really enjoy the rain, but the greenery and forests surrounded the small town make the book what it is. I feel like the setting is so important because it caused all the characters to basically know everything about one another, and gives Bella and Edward what they need to be pushed together. 

We also got to see a brief few chapters of Bella being back in Pheonix, Arizona. The setting itself was described really nicely since Bella thinks of it as home, but Forks is definitely my favorite. 


This is the first Stephenie Meyer book I have read and I definitely enjoyed it. I think that her writing style is so unique and different. Twilight could have been its own genre for how unique it is. It is unlike any vampire story I have read before, and I really loved it. 

In Conclusion… 

I recommend this book to any romance/fantasy lovers. It is the perfect love story. You will never get over the characters, and the intense love they feel for each other. I’m so excited to read the next book!

Rating: 5/5⭐

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