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Fictional Characters That Remind Me of Myself

Recently I’ve been reading and watching a lot of shows with inspirational women and women in power and I have to say, I love it. I feel so genuinely empowered as a woman, especially with my heritage represented too. There are so many female characters that are just so real and raw, and their feelings represent mine and inspire me to do my best too. I love reading books or watching shows that leave me thinking about them for weeks after, and a lot of these characters had me in a chokehold while I was with them.

The Book That Started It All

This tag is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. Let’s talk about my reading journey and the book that started it all!

The Throne of Glass Book Tag

Throne of Glass was definitely one of my favorite series (probably due for a re-read soon), so it’s going to be super fun to do this tag!

Book Adaptation Tag

Since I just recently decided to read Normal People by Sally Rooney, it got me thinking about a lot of other books to movie or book to tv show adaptations. So, this is the Book Adaptation Tag!