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My February 2021 TBR

Since it’s now February, I figured I’d share with you my list for this month! I was able to finish ten books last month and all of them I quite enjoyed so I’m excited to continue some of those series, read some new books and reread some of my favorites!

31 Days of Book Recs: A Bookish Countdown to 2021

So, on December 1st, I will be updating a huge list of prompts for recommendations each day. It will end on December 31st as we say goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021! As per the rules, I’m going to try my best to use as many books as I can and also not repeat them!

The Throne of Glass Book Tag

Throne of Glass was definitely one of my favorite series (probably due for a re-read soon), so it’s going to be super fun to do this tag!

Book Adaptation Tag

Since I just recently decided to read Normal People by Sally Rooney, it got me thinking about a lot of other books to movie or book to tv show adaptations. So, this is the Book Adaptation Tag!